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Other Community Events
  • Artist Talk: Greta Waller, and Gwendolyn Zabicki and closing reception

    Sunday, July 27
    2:00pm – 3:00pm
    Comfort Station Logan Square
    2579 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60647

    Curated by: MK Meador & Robyn Paprocki

    Chicago, IL – Comfort Station is pleased to present Cool and Dark, paintings by Eleanor Ray, Greta Waller, and Gwendolyn Zabicki.

    Summer won’t last forever. It never does. Cool & Dark celebrates the midpoint of yet another Chicago summer hanging in the balance with the paintings of Eleanor Ray, Greta Waller, and Gwendolyn Zabicki. These paintings capture scenes that are neither here nor there, moments that—like summer—are always already passing.

    Eleanor Ray’s kitten-sized paintings are filled with large, pleasing brush strokes. Lean in, however, and notice the unsettlingly unpeopled landscapes. Are these scenes of the beginning of something—or the end? An empty room seen through a doorway feels lived-in—like taking one last longing look at an apartment before moving out for good. Or consider the grim, dusky light that dominates a desolate pier at twilight that feels tinged with reminiscence. We get into comfortable grooves: walk by the same doorway a million times or enjoy countless afternoons by the water. And then something happens to remind us that time is passing.

    While some might find the relentless onward passage of time troubling, Greta Waller takes great pleasure in it. Waller deals in ice—specifically huge melting chunks of it on thoughtfully placed dishware. The effect is dazzling. Light bends and warps. Straight lines slither and blur with intricate backgrounds. Colors explode. Puddles form and water glistens as the ice slowly dissolves into dimpled curves. One finally realizes that it’s the melting that makes the ice visible. As the blocks fade, Waller is able to capture the weird shimmering evanescent forms that enliven and embellish the objects around it. A boring flower design on a tray becomes something exciting and new. With each passing minute new forms emerge. It seems like magic.

    However, this can be bittersweet. After all, the ice will not last forever. But perhaps Gwendolyn Zabicki’s present paintings offer us an antidote. Zabicki invites viewers to greedily inspect her gifts. Feel free to admire the careful folds and the gold leaf that gilds the wrapping paper; appreciate the careful attention to color, shadow, and reflection. These presents hang there like Platonic forms filled with we-know-not-what and destined for we-know-not-whom. Recognize the present for what it really is: a gesture of love, a symbol of friendship, evidence that we are not alone. Wonder what’s in them, but know that inside every present is the fear that soon the party will be over, the ice will be gone, and the doors will be closed forever.

    Take a moment while you walk around Comfort Station and remind yourself that it’s summer.

    Enjoy it while it’s here.

    -Tyler Jagel

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  • Intentional Inclusivity—a panel discussion

    July 28, 2014
    6:30 – 9 PM
    200 E Randolph | 25th Floor

    A conversation exploring topics and questions around intentional inclusivity in the tech space.

    Recently, there’s been a lot of talk about diversity within the technology industry. Why aren’t there more women in tech? How can that number grow at far faster rate? Are companies and organizations doing enough to create a safe and welcoming environment for all? And for that matter – are we as technologists intentional about creating a community that is representative of the world we live in? A group of individuals diverse in gender, racial-ethnic background, socio-economic status, thought?

    Join ThoughtWorks for a panel discussion exploring these questions and more. The event is no cost and open to all with an RSVP by July 25.

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  • Pixels of Fury Chicago 2014

    Tuesday, July, 29

    Be part of the Fury at VenueOne
    Presented by Shutterstock, Pixels of Fury pits designers against one another in a high-speed competition in front of a live audience.

    Cheer on the competitors as they create inspirational posters from scratch in just 20 minutes, then cast your vote to help determine who will take home the coveted Furious Pixel trophy. With the crowd watching, the pressure is on to create the most compelling work before the clock runs out. Whose inspiration will shine brightest?

    Join us at VenueOne on July 29th to take in all the action, with an open bar, free food, a photo booth, and tunes! The audience is encouraged to unleash their creativity and participate in the Shutterstock Napkin Sketch Contest for a chance to win prizes.
    The Pixels of Fury champion will receive:
    The Pixels of Fury Trophy (aka The Furious Pixel)
    Blog and Social Media Coverage
    $500 Amex gift card
    Additional Prizes TBD!

    Want to nominate someone to compete? Just send a link to their portfolio to

    Have a friend in the industry or a colleague who would like to attend? Feel free to share this invitation!


    Find out more at

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